Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Veteran's Bill----and Dishonesty

I found the President’s comments on signing the Veteran’s bill the other day to be unsettling. Senator Jim Webb, from Virginia was instrumental in getting this past. It increased veterans’ benefits for those returning from active service and granted educational opportunities. I do recognize that it is expensive, but when we send soldiers overseas on numerous tours of duty in combat situations they have earned this.

The President signed it because of how it was attached and then praised himself for signing it. The problem with this is that he was in stark opposition to this. It wasn’t until the bill was attached to something he wanted to sign and because of the fact that veteran’s groups were not happy with his lack of interest in this bill didn’t seem to occur to him.

One of the people he thanked for his hard work on this bill was a Senator who was opposed to the bill as ‘too generous.’ That Senator is Senator John McCain who, frankly, should know better. I do respect his service to our nation in the military and think he should be respected for it. I also think that he needs to demonstrate respect to the veterans of these two very difficult wars in which we are engaged.

What disturbs me the most and what truly makes me feel unsettled is that the President praised himself and Senator McCain when, in fact, this was a bill they were opposed to. I disagree with their opposition and certainly don’t understand it. It is, however, their right to have their own opinion and act on it. I really have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the dishonesty of praising a bill which they truly did oppose. I’m tired of the lies and wish that they would finally stop.

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Ring Master 4545 said...

Following your logic, what amount would be appropriate for veterans? At what point would you say that it was too much? The fact that McCain opposed the "degree" of the benefits, I think, is laudable. In his position, one would think that he would not voice strong opposition to such a bill. The politcally expedient thing to do is give everyone everything they want, so they will "like" him and then vote for him. I have a tendency to like McCain's rebellious streak and counter-intuitive behavior.

As for Bush's self-congratulations for signing something he opposed; it is just one more thing in a long string over the last 8 years that make me scratch my head in confusion?????