Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Random Musings

I decided I need to get back to blogging. I’m going to start with my Monday Musings.

Independence Day, to me, is an awesome day.

We remember the heroism and the hardships of the troops. George Washington was never noted as a brilliant strategist. He actually lost more battles than he won. Of course, he won the last battle, so.....

The thing about Washington was that he was a man of tremendous character and tremendous courage. He suffered, along with his troops, through difficult times. The only way to win the war was to keep at it for a long time. The British were will trained and an outstanding army. He had to make it a war of attrition and he did.

Conversely, we ought also honor the ‘thinkers’ of the day. Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison, etc., were not noted for battlefield courage, but they were noted for their philosophical courage and intellectual genius. We might have never have had the wisdom of group of individuals again. They were the architects of the nation we now love.

Speaking of serious:

In reading about the conflict between Turkey and Israel, there is something nagging me. In the early part of the 20th century, Turkey afflicted upon the Armenian population one of the most horrific blights of the 20th century. While we speak of the Holocaust and of Stalin’s murders, we also need to include this. The Turks slaughtered the Armenians. President Obama promised to recognize the Armenian Genocide and stepped back from this in light of Turkey’s protestations. President Obama was wrong in backing down. Right now it is difficult to be excited about Turkey’s protestations about Israel...

The arrest of the Russian spies fascinates me. They were busy living the ‘American dream” and were spying for Russia? If they were so interested in the “Russian dream” then go back to Russian. It’ll be interested to see how well they live their ‘dream’ in prison.

The Reds and the Mets have a series in New York starting tonight. They are both in the thick of it. Who’d have thought this???

Toy Story III was wonderful.

I’m thinking that, whichever Democratic strategist who got Michael Steele his job as the head of the RNC deserves a raise...

I might be in the minority of this, but I hope LeBron James stays in Cleveland. Struggling Midwestern cities, like Cleveland, deserve a break. And, it’s not like he’s going to be poor if he stays there.

I’m looking forward to the Harry Potter movies. I LOVED the books. They are works of genius. And, for people who refer to them as demonic, I say only two words: READ THEM!!!

Apple is ‘stunned’ to have learned there was an IPhone 4 flaw. Who do they think they are? Microsoft?

Mel Gibson went on a racist, sexist tirade and it was all caught on tape. Now people are saying that Gibson is a racist, sexist guy. What a surprise...

Takeru Kobayashi was arrested because he’s in a contract dispute and was not part of the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. He charged the stage, I guess, wanting a hot dog. I love Nathan’s hot dogs, but he was in Coney Island where they are readily for sale. He just needed to wait in line like everyone else.

Anthony Bourdain, a real hot dog afficionado, (he really is), recently decreed that Chicago has better hot dogs than New York. I also love hot dogs and was surprised he said this. Makes me have to truly respect the hot dogs coming from the Windy City. I mean, Anthony Bourdain is a world class chef and LOVES hot dogs. He, to me, is a credible voice. And, for those who know me and know that I tend toward sarcasm on occasion, please note. I am not being sarcastic about this. For once, I’m being totally serious.


Ann Streckfus said...

Glad you're blogging again, John.

Ceece said...

me too!!!