Sunday, April 01, 2007

Christianity and Nudism

I've come to the conclusion that the only true way to be a Christian in today's world is to become a nudist. People who come to church wearing clothing are allowing their clothing to come between them and God.

Many people say that they don't come to church because many of the people in the church are dressed better than they are. If everyone was naked, then no one could say that.

Sometimes people don't come to church because it's too warm. If everyone was naked, the chances of it being too warm would be diminished.

Imagine if our Sunday best was our birthday suit? Some people might object, but think about this.

If God had meant for us to be naked than we would have been born......

We aren't really 'naked' we're just not wearing any clothing!

According to modern success advice, "Clothes makes the man (or woman)". But according to the bible, God made the man and woman, and he made them without clothes.

Too often Christians just stand around with their hands in their pockets. If they were naked...

So, Christianity and nudism. An idea whose time has come. Please read below for a further statement:

April Fools!


USAnudist said...

In your January 14th sermon, with the reference to Kakure Christians, you said "In their efforts to adapt Christianity to their culture, they lost Christianity." That may be the problem in many churches in the United States today.

I was so happy to see your blog entry today. I have been searching for rational thinking in the Christian world. So many churches have become completely isolated from the basic tenets, basing their teachings not on the basics, but on their own morals, influenced by the culture they live in.

Nudist Christians are treated as not being real Christians because they prefer not to wear clothing when not needed. Many studies have been done, and nowhere is nudity prohibited in the Bible, or prohibited as it was practiced in the culture of the biblical era.

Your blog entry very realistically states a solution to a problem with today's churches. There are many thousands of christians who because of predjudice are ostracized by their churches. Mnay of these might come back if made welcome.

Take away the last sentence, and you might have an idea that would bring us back closer to the true meaning of our faith.

Meatbe said...

Very interesting...I was ready to join your congregation, until I saw that you were just joshing.

Csd619 said...

yeah well, in preparation to attend service at the new Nudist church, wanting to look my best, I burned the hades out of myself trying to iron out any wrinkles of my "new Sunday's best"....
I guess thats just a taste of whats to come for a heathen like me!!

Coop said...

I can hear the first male comment made before they even get to their seat. Look Martha,I know him, I see him at the (blank) every friday night. I know his kids their no angels. His wife is always talking about (blank). How come God blessed him more than me. Why do I always get the "short" end of the stick?

J.R. Stuart said...

I often feel naked in church. Perhaps it's time to go full monty.

But as Twain said, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on Society."